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In our Editor’s Eye page, we will be showcasing work that we find most exceptional. If you have poems, art work, interviews, or book reviews that require special attention, or work that you think we should feature here, please submit with ‘Editor’s Eye’ in the subject line of your email.

Here to kick us off is our chief editor's latest ekphrastic poem, 'The Arnolfini Portrait' from his manuscript, 'Word Painting.'

The Arnolfini Portrait

Standing firm on holy ground,

we’ve dispensed

with clogs and slippers


in favour of our stockinged feet

on the solemn occasion

of our left-handed marriage,


which, if you have a moment

to join us, proceeds

under the watchful eyes


of our ornate chandelier, Gothic

monsters and godly gaze

of both the artist and our Saviour,


whose passion (never dull)

illuminates us all

in the ten painted medallions


of the magical mirror behind us,

reflecting more than we

can ever tell, inspiring us to be


more pious, selfless, loving.

Gone are the salad days

of gay abandon, throwing out


caution to the wind, gambling

with the big guns

of fate, as if to cock-a-snook


at tradition, stick our fingers up

at the church, and all those

who sail in her. We’ve climbed


out of the twin hells of drink

and drug abuse, fallen

on the sword that is self-defeat,


and taken life by the horns. Not

so much social outcasts,

as social climbers, adorned


in the mink, sable and monstrous

hat of our social superiors,

in a vain attempt to curry favour


with our very own Philip (the Good)

most esteemed Duke

of Burgundy. No surprises for us,


or court painter and envoy, Johann

de Eyck who ‘was here’

witness and guest with us in Bruges


in the year of our Lord, 1434.

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