“Poetry does not live solely in books or in school anthologies.”

Eugenio Montale

“When all is said and done a poem is only another attempt to lay

claim to the past, recall past care, beyond the careless present,

secretly or otherwise, write time.” - Mark A. Murphy



In November 2018, our editor participated in the Tupelo Press 30/30

poetry challenge, writing a poem a day for every day of the month. Here (to the right) is one of the poems he wrote. We will chose a different poem here every month to showcase the editor's work from that challenge.

Poem of the Month

Hunters in the Snow


I am no human seeker trudging through the January snow,

no hunter’s fox slung casually over a shoulder,

no panicked rabbit running for its life, no singeing pig


to be turned on the fire, no exhausted dog

losing the scent, castigated by its master, no sainted stag,

no pious metaphor, no child’s plaything,


 no trophy kill.




Soaring far and wide above the high horizon -- we

corvid brothers live and die just as you

under the overcast sky, wintering in, shuttering down,


eyeing the heroic Alpine mountains, and the intimate play

of the earth-born young on the ice fields

of the Netherlandish lowlands


skating, curling, faltering, falling and ultimately failing,

mirroring all of creation’s creatures, capturing

the duality of our shared nature,


surviving the winter freeze --

honouring the hard-packed snow

as much as we loathe it.

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Due to popular demand, we couldn't resist sharing one more of our editor's poems from  his 30/30 challenge with Tupelo Press...

Two Monkeys


I keep dreaming of Wislawa Szymborska’s two monkeys,

her history exam, the absurdity

of writing poems, the absurdity of this sideshow


proposition. Chained together in a window before

the free port of Antwerp, the two monkeys

bought for the price of a hazel nut are both angry


and devil-may-care at their imprisonment.

This is the history of mankind (Szymborska knows it

only too well) the cold-blooded disregard for our fellows.




Humanity’s crimes are painted for all to see –

if it is not possible to save two red colobus monkeys,

how on earth are we to save the world, let alone


each other?

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“Of Loves lost, of loves found, and in the conveyance of poetic wonder, Mark Murphy brings the reader a masterful rendering of the written word. You feel the longing and loneliness in his words. Yet, the reader also celebrates them. Mark Murphy’s humble approach to this will also set the reader of these pages on fire with the insatiable need to read this collection to the end, and still want more. When closing the final pages, the reader will walk away changed forever.”


William B. Burkholder

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